Top causes of car accidents not a surprise

Posted On October 28 2019 | Firm News

Driving the streets of Boulder and the surrounding area, it is not surprising to come upon a crash. They happen around the clock and in every situation imaginable.

While cars get safer, drivers do not. Over the years, patterns emerge, and it becomes clear that some driver behavior is more likely to cause a crash than others. It is a good idea to review some of the top causes of accidents across the country, so you can try to do your part in preventing them.

Distracted driving

Driving may become mundane, especially after you have done it for a while. Some people decide that they can do things behind the wheel and maintain a sense of concentration on the road ahead. Distracted driving is the number one contributor to car wrecks. While cellphones are usually the leading cause of that distraction, other things can just as easily make our attention wane behind the wheel, such as:

  • Eating or drinking
  • Turning the radio station
  • Talking to other passengers
  • A dog in the car
  • Following the GPS

Minimize in-car distractions, and keep the cellphone out of reach to help control the urge to use it.

Driving under the influence

Having a few drinks before operating a vehicle is never a smart choice. Even if you do not feel the effects of alcohol, there is a good chance that your reaction time is slower. Drunk driving is the second leading cause of vehicle crashes. The only real way to avoid this as a possibility is to always have a designated driver.

Going too fast

Speed limits may seem more of a suggestion than a law. You may feel like some roads need to up the ante, and as such, you exceed the speed limit on them frequently. You do so at great risk to yourself and those around you, as speeding is the third cause of crashes. You may lose control of your car before you realize what is happening and end up getting hurt or hurting someone else.

You should do your part in dialing back on risky behaviors. Even if you do, there is no guarantee of avoiding a crash.