Can you use cellphones while you drive in Colorado?

Posted On December 30 2019 | Firm News

Cellphones created an instant problem when they became available en masse. One of the biggest issues is that people often use them behind the wheel, even though it’s dangerous.

Yes, it’s beneficial to have a cellphone with you in the case of a car crash or emergency. It could help save a life. However, if you use it while you drive, that distraction could lead to a crash and injuries or deaths.

Can you use cellphones while you drive legally in Colorado?

Adults can use their cellphones to take voice calls, according to the Colorado General Assembly. Adult drivers are not allowed to enter data manually, however, which means that texting and driving is banned. It is also illegal to browse the internet while you’re driving.

Are minors allowed to use cellphones while they drive in Colorado?

They are not allowed to use cellphones while driving if they are under 18.

Are there exceptions to the rules on using a smartphone while driving?

Yes, there are. In fact, drivers of any age can use a smartphone to make a call if they are doing so to contact the police or another public safety entity. Cellphone use is also allowed during emergencies. Emergencies include reporting others who are driving dangerously, reporting traffic accidents, notifying the police about a serious road hazard or calling in about a medical emergency. If you fear for your safety or life, you may also use your phone while driving, such as in the case of kidnappings or other criminal acts.

What happens if you use your cellphone in a way that’s illegal when you drive?

If you are caught using your phone illegally, then penalties can be assessed against you. For example, the initial violation by a minor driver comes with 1 point on their license and $50 in fines. Any subsequent violations are $100.

Adults have harsher penalties to deal with if they’re stopped while text messaging. Initial violations come with penalties of $300 and 4 points on their licenses. If texting resulted in death or injury to another person, then they face up to a year in prison, a $1,000 fine or both. There will also be 4 points added to the license of the driver who violated the law.

If you are hurt by someone who texted while driving or a minor who was using a cellphone, you can pursue a claim against them for their reckless acts.