After a crash, it’s time to work toward a fair payout

Posted On February 21 2020 | Firm News

No one ever expects to be involved in a traffic accident. You were on your way to your school after a long break when you saw that a crash had happened up ahead. You focused on what was going on in front of you, but you never thought that someone would be rubbernecking and fail to stop at the upcoming intersection.

When they did that, they hit your vehicle from the side and pushed your vehicle into the path of an oncoming truck. That vehicle hit you head-on for a second crash in just moments. You were rushed to the hospital where you received emergency care, but you still ended up with several broken bones, a head injury and a potential spinal cord injury.

After a crash like this, it’s important that those who are responsible are held liable. You could be facing hundreds or thousands of dollars in medical expenses and other financial losses as a result of this crash. As a young adult who was attending a university, you were studying hard to go into a difficult and well-paying career. If you cannot continue on that path because of this accident, then the driver should be held accountable for that as well.

How much compensation will you receive after a car crash?

There are many aspects of this case that your attorney will want to talk to you about, just as there are many factors that may influence the amount of money you’ll be able to seek from the other party. State laws, insurance limits and other factors all play a role in determining what settlements are open to you and if you can get compensated for the injuries that you’ve suffered.

Some of the factors that might influence your claim include:

  • How badly injured you are and how those injuries could affect you in the future
  • Medical bills and expenses
  • State laws and limitations on personal injury claims
  • Insurance liability limits
  • Personal insurance limits, if you cannot collect enough (or anything) from the other party

It’s a good idea to reach out to your attorney as soon as you know that you’re facing an uncertain future because of your accident. They will begin putting together a strong claim for you, so that you have the best opportunity to seek all the compensation you’ll need during your recovery. After what you’ve been through, you deserve someone who is there to protect your interests.