Car accidents can lead to harmful hidden injuries

Posted On March 13 2020 | Firm News

After a car accident, many victims struggle to know what to do and how to react to their circumstances. Victims may feel a sense of relief if they don’t have any visible injuries or feel serious pain, which can cause major complications later on.

Of course, everyone who experiences a car accident hopes that they can leave the scene with only minor scrapes and bruises, which is possible. However, victims who do not see signs of injury or feel any pain should still receive a full medical examination as soon as possible. Many car accident injuries do not cause pain for several hours or even days, and waiting to seek medical care may give an injury time to grow much more serious.

If you recently experienced a car accident and have not received medical care from a qualified professional, it is wise to seek a full medical examination immediately. This may serve as an important first step for an injury claim, which can keep your rights secure while seeking compensation for your losses and suffering.

Common delayed pain injuries

Delayed pain injuries take many forms and can affect each victim in different ways. Some delayed pain injuries, such as soft tissue damage, are very painful and can stop a victim’s ability to do their job or perform basic tasks. Fortunately, soft tissue damage (also known as whiplash), typically heals over time without lasting symptoms. Other injuries may present long-term harmful effects.

Car accidents often leave victims with spinal injuries that may pinch or sever nerves, causing tingling or burning sensations, or numbness. These symptoms may not arise for several days, but can significantly impact a victim’s ability to work and leave them with ongoing pain.

If a victim suffers a blow to the head, they may receive a mild traumatic brain injury, which can alter their ability to communicate clearly, make it difficult to complete simple tasks or change the victim’s personality. These symptoms may not arise for several days or even weeks, so it is important to receive a full medical exam to identify a head injury early on.

Some injuries may even put the victim’s life in danger. Car accidents often cause internal bleeding, which is very dangerous. If a victim loses a significant amount of blood, they may lose consciousness and pass away quickly. If a victim’s internal bleeding is small, blood loss is not a major concern, but the victim is at risk for a potentially deadly infection. An internal wound that develops an infection may spread the infection to other parts of the body, which can turn deadly.

Likewise, organ damage may not cause pain at first, while the victim’s natural processes attempt to heal the damage. If the body does heal the organ, the victim may never realize they suffered an injury. However, if the organ does not heal, it will shut down, which can lead to multiple failed organs. This is a painful process that can lead to death.

Protecting your future begins now

Once you receive proper medical care, you may have concerns about protecting your legal rights. A strong legal strategy helps protect you throughout the recovery process, giving you the time and space you need to focus on your recovery. With strong legal resources and guidance, you can keep your rights secure and seek full compensation for your losses.