Could truck safety inspections cut down on risks?

Truckers will soon find both they and their vehicles will undergo a critical inspection. For most drivers, the assessment won’t come as a surprise or turn into an inconvenience since it is an annual event. Each year, the International Roadcheck inspection blitz takes place, with early May being the target date for 2021. The blitz may lead to Colorado truckers, motorists and pedestrians feeling a bit safer on the road. While helpful, the inspection blitz could never guarantee truck accidents won’t happen, though.

The purpose and value of the inspection

The upcoming inspection wants to take a close look at truck lighting, and thankfully so. Problems with headlights, brake lights and hazard lights could undermine safety. Lighting components won’t be the only things checked by inspectors performing North American Standard Level I inspections. Various other parts and components, such as the brakes, tires and cargo securement, will receive checks.

Truck drivers will find themselves receiving some scrutiny, too. A driver’s hours of service get a review, as service hours may contribute significantly to performance.

The inspections serve an essential purpose. The overall goal involves improving truck safety on the road. Vehicles with mechanical defects could create hazards and potentially avoidable accidents. Uncovering defects might lead to a truck driver or trucking company taking immediate action. Dangerous trucks don’t likely belong on the road. Unfortunately, such trucks may remain in service and present hazards.

Liabilities and trucks in poor mechanical condition

Truck drivers and truck companies have a responsibility to operate safely and utilize safe vehicles. Upon the discovery of known problems with a truck’s brakes, a deliberate failure to repair the brakes could open doors to lawsuits after an accident. Failing to continually inspect the brakes and other parts might lead to negligence claims, as well.

A truck collision could cause incredible damage to another vehicle. A truck’s mass brings with it significant weight and force, potentially raising the chances of fatalities.

Truck crashes and motor vehicle accidents may lead to questions about liability. An injured party might find value in meeting with an attorney to assess the case.