Types of Personal Injury Cases in Colorado

Posted On December 1 2023 | Personal Injury

Personal injuries can occur in a wide variety of ways, and they often lead to insurance claims or lawsuits against at-fault parties. At Purvis Thomson, LLP, we have extensive experience handling complex claims throughout Colorado. If you or a loved one need help with an injury claim, we encourage you to reach out to our Boulder personal injury lawyers for a free consultation today.

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents are a leading cause of injuries across the state of Colorado each year, according to Colorado DOT data. When most people consider car accidents, they think of incidents involving passenger vehicles. However, injuries can occur as a result of a wide variety of types of incidents involving vehicles. This includes accidents involving larger commercial trucks, which often result in catastrophic injuries.

Under the umbrella of “vehicle accident claims,” there are also fall incidents involving motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians.

Defective Products

Unfortunately, individuals can sustain significant injuries as a result of defective products. Product liability claims arise when manufacturers, companies, or retailers supply defective products to consumers. Defective products can affect just about any item that you purchase to use or consume. This can include defective automobiles or auto vehicle parts as well as faulty appliances, electronics, toys, tools, and more.

Product liability claims are often handled a little bit differently than traditional personal injury cases. It is not uncommon for victims to pursue compensation through something called strict liability, which means the injury victim will not necessarily have to prove direct negligence on the part of the manufacturer, company, or retailer. We encourage you to speak to a product liability lawyer for additional information about this process.

Premises Liability

Property owners and those responsible for the safety of a particular premises could be held responsible for injuries that occur to those who have a right to be on the premises. Property owners owe a duty of care to others, but this level of duty will differ depending on the type of premises we are talking about.

For example, those who operate locations where people are expected on a regular basis, such as stores, government buildings, banks, and other locations, owe a heightened duty of care to ensure the safety of guests.

However, premises liability claims can also arise due to the negligent actions of private property owners. Homeowners and those in charge of other types of private property owe a duty of care to those who reasonably have a right to be on the property. Slip and fall accident claims are some of the most common types of premises liability cases that arise, but any type of injury that occurs as a result of the negligence of a property owner can give way to a claim.

Working With an Attorney

This is not a list of all types of personal injury claims that can arise in and around Boulder and throughout Colorado. If you or somebody you care about has sustained an injury caused by the negligent actions of another individual or entity in this state, we encourage you to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. A personal injury lawyer can walk you through every aspect of your claim. They will use their resources to investigate the case, and you will not have to pay legal fees until after your attorney successfully recovers the compensation you are entitled to.