Former CU Student to get $230,000 settlement

Posted On March 4, 2010 I Firm News

The Daily Camera’s Heath Urie wrote a nice article on settlement of case for client of mine with the City of Boulder. You can read it here.

The full statement I sent to Mr. Urie was:

Council members for the

Picture above my desk/computer

Posted On March 1, 2010 I Firm News

My wife, who shares a birthday with my law firm, gave me a picture years ago that sits above my desk. It reads:

Time to Live: Life grants us the opportunity to write our own destiny. Our fate is not

Purvis Thomson, LLP — 25 years helping people

Posted On March 1, 2010 I Firm News

Today is 25th anniversary of 1st day of business for the law firm I call home – Purvis Thomson, LLP. Congratulations to John Purvis and Bill Gray! This law firm has helped an awful lot of people over the years. …

Steps to Finding the Best Medical Care

Posted On December 1, 2009 I Firm News

In his new book, The Life You Save: Nine Steps to Finding the Best Medical Care-and Avoiding the Worst, attorney Patrick Malone provides advice that is relevant to all of us on how to take charge of our health care, …

Brain Trauma

Posted On November 16, 2009 I Firm News

Has your child suffered a concussion in a sporting event at school? Have you endured severe whiplash in a car accident? Professional sports organizations like the NFL and NHL are doing more and more to protect athletes who have suffered …

Civil Lawsuits Make us Safer

Posted On November 12, 2009 I Firm News

Dr. Catherine DeAngelis, the Editor in Chief for the Journal of American Medical Association and Dr. Phil Fontanarosa, the Executive Deputy Editor for the Journal of American Medical Association recently penned a rather insightful editorial discussing the importance of tort …

Automobile Insurance: Protecting You and Your Family

Posted On November 11, 2009 I Firm News

For automobile accidents that occur in Colorado after June 30, 2003, the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits that Colorado’s Automobile No-Fault required became a thing of the past. As a result, in Colorado, your health insurance policy is your primary …