Forest Fires and You

Posted On May 27, 2010 I Firm News

As we approach Memorial Day Weekend here in the west we recognize we are entering forest fire season. Over the holiday weekend many will be traveling to campgrounds and national parks to enjoy the outdoors. Many of you simply need …

Steamboat Pilot: Jury awards $2.4 million in bike-car crash near Steamboat

Posted On April 27, 2010 I Firm News

Wayne Ranieri was thrown more than 20 feet when Kathy Whaley cut a corner too close and drove into the oncoming traffic lane, hitting Wayne Ranieri head-on on his bicycle. Wayne Ranieri landed on his buttocks, compressing his spine and …

Steamboat Jury Recognizes the Value of the Steamboat Lifestyle

Posted On April 25, 2010 I Firm News

In March 2009, Steamboat Springs resident Wayne Ranieri was seriously injured when a car, not paying appropriate attention to the road, cut into his lane and crashed head on into him. Steamboat Today reporting the incident explained:

Wayne Ranieri, an

Local Coach Uses Position to take Advantage of Parents

Posted On April 22, 2010 I Firm News

I have the pleasure of representing a local man who has been defrauded by the coach of his daughter’s high school fastpitch softball team. A story in today’s Daily Camera tells the story.

Ryan Wilson’s Family Will Get It’s Day in Court

Posted On March 30, 2010 I Firm News

Today, a Federal District Court Judge denied a Motion for Summary Judgment filed in Wilson v. Taser International, Case No. 07-cv-01844. I represent Ryan Wilson’s mother, Wendy Wilson in this case. The Daily Camera has the story here.

Health Insurance Consumer Protection

Posted On March 26, 2010 I Firm News

I will leave the politics of health insurance reform to others. Whatever your political persuasion there are important consumer protections provided by the new legislation that all Americans ought to know about. According to the White House’s own website…

Under …

Scary Data for the Parents of Teenagers

Posted On March 8, 2010 I Firm News

My wife and I only have one teenager left in our home. Our other children have theoretically grown up. But, very few things are more frightening then being the parent of a teenager with a car. And, the data backs …