Why have a lawyer talk to the insurance adjuster?

Posted On May 28, 2018 I Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

Thousands of Colorado residents end up in car crashes every year. Out of all the accidents the Colorado police investigated, 732 occurred as a result of inattentive driving in 2014 alone. 

One of the things you should always do after …

Tips for physical, financial and emotional recovery after a crash

Posted On May 14, 2018 I Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

Getting in a car accident can have a variety of long-lasting consequences. You may suffer physically, financially and emotionally after an auto collision. If you get into a wreck, maximum recovery is crucial.

However, it can be difficult to know …

Can you trust your insurance company to pay? Think again

Posted On April 30, 2018 I Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

The weeks following your auto accident were some of the most stressful and tedious weeks of your life. Finally, the investigations are over, you can focus on recovering from your injuries and you can look forward to receiving your settlement …

Do I need a lawyer after my car accident?

Posted On April 23, 2018 I Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are an inevitable risk of driving. Sooner or later, a large majority of drivers find themselves involved in a car accident, either as the driver or passenger. In many cases of auto accidents, injuries result, and that …

Nearly 90 percent of Colorado drivers admit driving distracted

Posted On April 9, 2018 I Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have ever noticed how many Colorado drivers are on their phones at red lights, in traffic or while driving down the road, you may have firsthand knowledge of how much of a problem distracted driving is on state …

An attorney’s role in your car accident claim

Posted On March 28, 2018 I Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are many frustrating aspects of getting in a car accident. Of course, the collision itself is inconvenient at best and devastating at worst. The aftermath of a wreck is also complex and irritating. You have to talk to insurance …

How much is your personal injury case worth?

Posted On March 12, 2018 I Firm News,Personal Injury

When you get hurt in an accident, whether from a car crash or a defective product, you have a lot to worry about. You need to get medical treatment for the injury. You have to call the insurance company. You …